Uncanny Magazine 2016 Award Eligibility

It’s the time of year when people post their year-in-reviews to remind voters for the different SF/F awards what’s out there that they might have missed and which categories these stories are eligible in (especially for the Hugo Awards and Nebula Awards). 2016 was the second full year of Uncanny Magazine (Issues 8 through 13). We are extremely proud of the year we had.

This year, Uncanny Magazine is still eligible for the Best Semiprozine Hugo Award. Lynne M. Thomas and Michael Damian Thomas are also eligible for the Best Editor (Short Form) Hugo Award. (Note: If you are nominating the Thomases in this category, please nominate them together. They are a co-editing team.)

The stories listed below are eligible in either the short story or novelette categories of the SF/F awards. If you are a SFWA member nominating for the Nebula Awards, you can find eBook copies of these stories in the SFWA Forums.


Novelettes (7500-17,500 Words):

The Virgin Played Bass by Maria Dahvana Headley

Love Is Never Still by Rachel Swirsky

You’ll Surely Drown Here If You Stay by Alyssa Wong

Snow Day by Catherynne M. Valente


Short Stories (Under 7500 Words):

Lotus Face and the Fox by Nghi Vo

The Creeping Women by Christopher Barzak

The Desert Glassmaker and the Jeweler of Berevyar by Rose Lemberg

The Sincerity Game by Brit Mandelo

The Shadow Collector by Shveta Thakrar

The Wolf and the Tower Unwoven by Kelly Sandoval

The Artificial Bees by Simon Guerrier

Big Thrull and the Askin’ Man by Max Gladstone

The Blood That Pulses in the Veins of One by JY Yang

Ye Highlands and Ye Lowlands by Seanan McGuire

The Sound of Salt and Sea by Kat Howard

The Drowning Line by Haralambi Markov

El Cantar of Rising Sun by Sabrina Vourvoulias

A Hundred and Seventy Storms by Aliette de Bodard

The Words on My Skin by Caroline M. Yoachim

An Ocean the Color of Bruises by Isabel Yap

Under One Roof by Sarah Pinsker

My Body, Herself by Carmen Maria Machado

Not a Miracle But a Marvel by Tim Pratt

The Witch of Orion Waste and the Boy Knight by E. Lily Yu

Rooms Formed of Neurons and Sex by Ferrett Steinmetz

Don’t You Worry, You Aliens by Paul Cornell

Kamanti’s Child by Jennifer Marie Brissett

Our Talons Can Crush Galaxies by Brooke Bolander

The Green Knight’s Wife by Kat Howard

White Hart, Black Knight by Alex Bledsoe

Can’t Beat ‘Em by Nalo Hopkinson

A Trump Christmas Carol by Roz Kaveney, Laurie Penny, John Scalzi, and Jo Walton



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