Uncanny Magazine 2021 Poetry Eligibility

Hello, Space Unicorns! Nominating for the Rhysling Award for speculative poetry is open! If you’re a SFPA member, you can nominate short and long poetry up until February 15 for the 2022 Rhysling Award. Uncanny Magazine’s eligible poems from 2021 are:


Short Poem (0–49 lines; for prose poems, 0–499 words):

Kalevala, an Untelling by Lizy Simonen

bargain | bin by Ewen Ma

Fish Out of Water by Neil Gaiman

What The Time Travellers Stole by L.X. Beckett

lagahoo culture (Part II) by Brandon O’Brien

the most humane methods could involve a knife by Tamara Jerée

Future Saints by Terese Mason Pierre

Self Portrait As a Printing Press by Nnadi Samuel

Paqtasultieg by Tiffany Morris

Collection by Vivian Li

Mona Lisa’s Abecedarian to Leonardo da Vinci by Abu Bakr Sadiq

Hitobashira by Betsy Aoki

Sonnet for the Aglæcwif by Minal Hajratwala

Radioactivity by Octavia Cade

amorous advice for the ocean-oriented by Chiara Situmorang

Áhàméfùla by Uche Ogbuji

Map-Making by Kristian Macaron

The Burning River by Hal Y. Zhang


Between Childroid + Mother by Miriam Alex

Confessions of a Spaceport AI by Mary Soon Lee


Long poems (50+ lines; for prose poems, 500+ words):

Medusa Gets a Haircut by Theodora Goss

Of Monsters I Loved by Ali Trotta

After The Tower Falls, Death Gives Advice by Ali Trotta

The Captain Flies by Avi Silver


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