Meet Uncanny Magazine’s New Podcast Reader, Matt Peters!

We have some wonderful news, Space Unicorns! We’re adding a Podcast Reader!

Starting with Uncanny Magazine Podcast #38B, the new Podcast Reader will be…

Matt Peters!

Matt Peters is a passionate Chicago-based voice talent. Having amassed hundreds of hours behind the mic through podcasting, Matt trained with Acting Studio Chicago to improve his skill set. Since then, he’s lent his voice to hosting events, ad campaigns, and audiobook narration. Matt is now a proud member of the Uncanny Magazine family and is excited to share some of our favorite stories with you.

You will probably remember Matt as Michi Trota’s co-host on Uncanny TV! Matt will be joining Erika Ensign and Joy Piedmont in our rotation of regular podcast readers. Matt’s debut is already live as he reads “Femme and Sundance” by Christopher Caldwell!

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