Uncanny TV- The Pilot IS LIVE!!!!

Space Unicorns, the day has come!

Behold the Pilot Episode of Hugo Award-winning Uncanny Magazine‘s Uncanny TV! Brought to you by the generosity of the Uncanny Magazine Year 5 Kickstarter Backers! Featuring geeky talk from phenomenal Chicago-based nerds working to make the world more awesome.

Hosts & Showrunners: Matt Peters & Michi Trota
Guests: Keisha Howard, Daniel Jun Kim, Dawn Xiana Moon
Audio/Video Crew: Aaron Amendola & Chris Chapin
Tech Support: Morgan Csejtey
Producer: Warren Frey
With extra thanks to Cards Against Humanity, Erika Ensign, Jesse Lex, Dolores Peters, Steven Schapansky, Lynne M. Thomas, Michael Damian Thomas, and the Space Unicorn Ranger Corps!

Thank you to all of the AMAZING people above who made this happen!


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