71% Funded, So Let’s Add New Backer Rewards and an Add-On

It’s been an exciting first week with the Uncanny Magazine Kickstarter. With 24 days to go, we’ve reached 71% funded and 506 backers. Thank you so much. We couldn’t make this dream come true without your support. To celebrate, we’re adding some groovy new backer levels and an add-on. Space Unicorn Rangers Corps Patches Add-On: […]

New Uncanny Mini Interview with Tansy Rayner Roberts!

Interview by Deborah Stanish 1. You’ve won awards for both your fiction and non-fiction and have used these different platforms to communicate important ideas. If you were told, today, that you could only write one form for the rest of your life, which would you choose and why? Fiction, of course. I didn’t even have […]

Uncanny Mini Interview with Year One Contributor Mari Ness!

  Interview by Deborah Stanish 1. As a writer who has embraced various storytelling formats, is it immediately apparent that an idea should be a poem, etc. or does that happen during the writing process? Not at all – indeed, some story fragments have turned into poems, and some poem fragments have turned into stories. […]

Mini Interview with Maria Dahvana Headley!

  Maria Dahvana Headley Mini-Interview by Deborah Stanish 1. Last year in Apex Magazine you talked about a “hoarded file of secrets”, we’re not going to ask you to share what’s in the file but can you tell us some of the things that have come out of that file and where you found them? […]

Welcome to Uncanny: A Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy

Three-time Hugo Award-winner Lynne M. Thomas (Apex Magazine, Chicks Dig Time Lords, Glitter & Mayhem) and three-time Hugo Award nominee Michael Damian Thomas (Apex Magazine, Queers Dig Time Lords) are launching year one of a new professional online SF/F magazine: Uncanny: A Magazine of Science Fiction & Fantasy. Click here to support our Kickstarter! Each […]