The Uncanny Magazine Podcast Won the Parsec Award!

Excellent news, Space Unicorns! Over the weekend at Dragon*Con, The Uncanny Magazine Podcast won a 2016 Parsec Award in the Best Speculative Fiction Magazine or Anthology Podcast category!

We are positively thrilled. Thank you to our excellent Year Two podcast team of Deborah Stanish, Amal El-Mohtar, C. S. E. Cooney, Erika Ensign, and Steven Schapansky. You made the podcast so special, and all of you will be getting nifty Parsec Award star trophies. Also, thanks to our guest readers Heath Miller and Max Gladstone, and all of the creators who had their works featured or participated in the interviews.

And of course a gigantic thank you to all of our listeners and the Space Unicorn Ranger Corps for making the podcast possible.

Also, a huge congratulations to the Verity! Podcast (featuring Uncanny‘s Deborah, Erika, and Lynne, plus Katrina Griffiths, L.M. Myles, and Tansy Rayner Roberts) for winning a Parsec Award in the Best Speculative Fiction Fan or News Podcast (Specific) category!

Look! They sent us WINNING ART!



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