Uncanny Magazine Is Saying Goodbye to Nonfiction Editor Meg Elison

We have some bittersweet news, Space Unicorns. Nonfiction Editor Meg Elison has decided to move on from her Uncanny editorial duties after Uncanny Magazine Issue #51. Meg has been the Nonfiction Editor since Issue 44, and really left her mark in that role. As one of the best SF/F writers in the field, we know Meg is going to do more fabulous things in the future and wish her all the best.

Here is a message from Meg:

Dear Readers,

It’s been an honor to share nonfiction with you for the last year. I’m proud of the work I’ve done here, and I’m so glad to have been able to publish so many diverse and fascinating voices in that time. Every job is like a song; it might not be the best one you’ve ever heard, but it fills your heart right up when you and the crew and sing together. There’s a great crew running this place, and it feels good to walk away from the piano and listen to the song keep going.

Thank you for reading, for sharing, for adding the names of new writers to your mental rolodex and spinning the wheel when deciding what to read and who to nominate when awards season comes around. Sing the chorus now. A new verse is about to start.

Blessed be,

Meg Elison
Nonfiction Editor
Uncanny Magazine

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