Uncanny Magazine 2018 Poetry Eligibility

Hello, Space Unicorns! Nominating for the Rhysling Award for speculative poetry is now OPEN! If you’re a SFPA member, you can nominate short and long poetry up until February 15.


Long Poem (50+ lines or 500+ words)

The Fairies in the Crawlspace by Beth Cato

Convalescence by Alicia Cole

The Cat’s Daughters by Nitoo Das

the body argonautica by Robin M. Eames

All the Stars Above the Sea by Sarah Gailey

What Grew by Sarah Gailey

Persephone in Hades by Theodora Goss

Translatio by Sharon Hsu

Expecting a Dinosaur by Mari Ness


Lorelei by Ali Trotta

The Year We Got Rid of Our Ghosts by Ali Trotta


Short Poems (<49 lines, <500words)

Okuri Inu, or the sending-off dog demon by Betsy Aoki

hypothesis for apocalypse by Khairani Barokka

You Wanted Me to Fly by Julia Watts Belser

Osiris by Leah Bobet

smile by Beth Cato

Ctenophore Soul by Rita Chen

How to Fix a Dancer When it Breaks by Genevieve DeGuzman

1532 by Ana Hurtado

Found Discarded: A Love Poem, Questionably Addressed. by Cassandra Khaw

Octavia’s Letter to Marcus Anthony on the Discovery of His Faithlessness by Cassandra Khaw

core/debris/core by Rose Lemberg

drop some amens by Brandon O’Brien

The One by Brandon O’Brien

The Early Ones by Sofia Samatar & Del Samatar

The Knight of the Beak by Sofia Samatar & Del Samatar

Shadow-Song by Sonya Taaffe

די ירושה by Sonya Taaffe

Spatiotemporal Discontinuity by Bogi Takács

A View from Inside the Refrigerator by Andrea Tang

The Sea Never Says It Loves You by Fran Wilde

cardioid by Hal Y. Zhang

Swallow by Hal Y. Zhang

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