Uncanny Magazine Issue Forty-Six

Welcome to Uncanny Magazine Issue Forty-Six! All of the content will be available for purchase as an eBook (PDF, EPUB, MOBI) on May 3, 2022. The free online content will be released in two stages—half on May 3 and half on June 7.

Featuring all-new short fiction by C.L. Clark, Fonda Lee, Haralambi Markov, Eugenia Triantafyllou,  John Wiswell, Maurice Broaddus & Rianna Butcher, and S.B. Divya; reprint fiction by Aliette de Bodard; nonfiction by Francesca Tacchi, Marissa Lingen, Héctor González, and Tessa Fisher; poetry by Beth Cato, Terese Mason Pierre, Anjali Patel, and Abu Bakr Sadiq; interviews with Haralambi Markov and S.B. Divya by Caroline M. Yoachim; and Elaine Ho’s Wall of Roses on the cover.

All that plus two podcasts!

Episode 46A (May 3): Editors’ Introduction, “Your Eyes, My Beacon: Being an Account of Several Misadventures and How I Found My Way Home” by C.L. Clark, as read by Erika Ensign, “In Stock Images of the Future, Everything is White” by Terese Mason Pierre, as read by Matt Peters, and Lynne M. Thomas interviewing C.L. Clark.

Episode 46B (June 7): Editors’ Introduction, “The Coward Who Stole God’s Name” by John Wiswell, as read by Matt Peters, “Spirituals” by Anjali Patel, as read by Erika Ensign, and Lynne M. Thomas interviewing John Wiswell.

About Our Cover Artist: Elaine Ho

Elaine is a Singaporean-American illustrator and writer. Her work is influenced by Renaissance and Baroque mannerism, and she’s drawn to themes of the broken and the beautiful. She has been featured in American Illustration, Spectrum Fantastic Art and Infected by Art. View her work at www.artofelaineho.com, or follow her on Twitter and Instagram @artofelaineho.


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