Uncanny Magazine Issue Forty-Seven

Welcome to Uncanny Magazine Issue Forty-Seven! All of the content will be available for purchase as an eBook (PDF, EPUB, MOBI) on July 5, 2022. The free online content will be released in two stages—half on July 5 and half on August 2.

Featuring all-new short fiction by Marie Brennan, AnaMaria Curtis, Juliet Kemp, K.S. Walker, John Chu, Radha Kai Zan, and Jordan Taylor; reprint fiction by Tochi Onyebuchi; nonfiction by Keidra Chaney, Gay Haldeman, Jim C. Hines, and Jeannette Ng; poetry by Brandon O’Brien, Sarah Grey, Sonya Taaffe, and Millie Ho; interviews with AnaMaria Curtis and Jordan Taylor by Caroline M. Yoachim; and Kirbi Fagan’s The Wizard of Light as the cover.

All that plus two podcasts!

Episode 47A (July 5): Editors’ Introduction, “Fate, Hope, Friendship, Foe” by Marie Brennan, as read by Erika Ensign, “Tuesday, Late Commute” by Sarah Grey. as read by Matt Peters, and Lynne M. Thomas interviewing Marie Brennan.

Episode 47B (August 2): Editors’ Introduction, “If You Find Yourself Speaking to God, Address God with the Informal You” by John Chu, as read by Matt Peters, “Mirrors” by Millie Ho, as read by Erika Ensign, and Lynne M. Thomas interviewing John Chu.

About Our Cover Artist: Kirbi Fagan

Kirbi Fagan is a Michigan based illustrator who specializes in creating art for readers. She is recognized for her cover art in Adult, YA, and Middle Grade fiction as well as her numerous covers for comic books on projects such as Black Panther/Shuri and Firefly. Kirbi’s first picture book “The Summer of the Tree Army” by Gloria Whelan was released in 2021.Kirbi’s work is directly inspired by her experiences as an artist with disabilities. Arts and crafts were first introduced to her as a child as a way to cope but it quickly turned into her greatest passion. Kirbi is traditionally trained as an oil painter, earning her bachelor’s degree in Illustration from Kendall College of Art and Design. Currently, she works in mixed media techniques including digital drawing tools.Kirbi has visited many classrooms to talk about her illustrations and books. Formerly, she taught at College for Creative Studies in Detroit and was Co-Regional Illustrator Coordinator with the Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators. You can learn more about Kirbi’s work on her blog, “The Living Canvas” www.kirbifagan.com as well as finding her on twitter and instagram: @Kirbi FaganRepresented by Kayla Cichello | [email protected]


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