Uncanny Authors

Radha Kai Zan

Radha Kai Zan is an artist and author. Their visual art indulges in the aberrant and strange, centering often on the body and its mutable, mortal nature. Their fiction skews towards the speculative with a particular leaning towards the horrific, romantic, and adventurous. You can find more of their work at

Hal Y. Zhang

Hal Y. Zhang writes science, fiction, and science fiction, in no particular order. Her language-and-loss poetry chapbook AMNESIA (Newfound) won the Eric Hoffer Micro Press Award, and her women-with-sharp-things collection Goddess Bandit of the Thousand Arms was published by Aqueduct Press.

Stephanie Zvan

Stephanie Zvan is a Minneapolis–based writer and activist. She is part of a mysterious feminist cabal that openly tells anyone who listens that they’re here to make their communities more open and welcoming to everyone who’s willing to share. She’s been published from CarnalNation to the Ada Initiative’s blog to Nature Futures. When she’s at home, you can find her at Almost Diamonds on The Orbit.