Uncanny Authors

Peter Tacy

Peter Tacy and Jane Yolen dated and were award-winning student poets when they were in college during the late 1950’s. Then happy marriages to others, and different career paths, separated them until, after both had been widowed, they reunited during a visit to Emily Dickinson’s house in early 2019. During their years apart, Peter was an English literature teacher, school Headmaster, and Executive Director of the Connecticut Association of Independent Schools. During that time he wrote and published two books and scores of essays and articles, all about education; such poems as he was inclined to write were never intended for publication and rarely preserved. That situation has changed since his re-connection with Jane.

Bogi Takács

Bogi Takács is a Hungarian Jewish agender trans person (e/em/eir/emself or singular they pronouns) currently living in the US with eir family and a congregation of books. Bogi writes, reviews and edits speculative fiction, and has won the Lambda Award in 2018 for editing Transcendent 2: The Year’s Best Transgender Speculative Fiction (also a Locus award finalist book). Bogi is also a finalist for the Hugo Award in 2018 in the Best Fan Writer category. You can find em at Bogi Reads the World, and on Twitter and Patreon as @bogiperson.

Cecilia Tan

Cecilia Tan is a co-writer of Geek Actually, a web fiction serial centering female nerds of color. She is the founder of Circlet Press and the award-winning author of over a dozen novels. Her series The Vanished Chronicles will debut from Tor Books in 2018.

Andrea Tang

Andrea Tang is a speculative fiction writer and international affairs wonk based out of DC. Her prose fiction has previously appeared at Apex Magazine, PodCastle, and a variety of other publications; her poetry has previously appeared in the margins of her high school AP exams, which in her humble opinion, makes her Uncanny Magazine debut a considerable upgrade. When not hunched over a notebook misusing her imagination, she’s known to enjoy theater, music, and martial arts. Drop by for a hello and a virtual cup of tea at, or on Twitter @atangwrites.

Judith Tarr

Judith Tarr… hates writing bios of herself. She would rather write historical fantasy or historical novels or epic fantasy or the (rather) odd alternate history, or short stories on just about any subject that catches her fancy. She has been a World Fantasy Award nominee for her Alexander the Great novel, Lord of the Two Lands, and won the Crawford Award for her Hound and the Falcon trilogy. She also writes as Caitlin Brennan (The Mountain’s Call and sequels) and Kathleen Bryan (The Serpent and the Rose and sequels). Caitlin published House of the Star, a magical-horse novel from Tor, in Fall 2010. The paperback appeared in November of 2011. She is dancinghorse on LiveJournal, Facebook, and Twitter.

Lisabelle Tay

Lisabelle Tay is the author of Pilgrim (The Emma Press, 2021). Her poetry and short fiction appear in Strange Horizons, Fantasy Magazine, Augur Magazine, and elsewhere. She lives in Singapore.

Jordan Taylor

Jordan Taylor’s short fiction has recently appeared in Underland Arcana and The Deadlands, and was nominated for a 2021 World Fantasy Award. Though she’s lived in cities across the US, she’s finally settled in North Carolina in a little cottage full of books. You can follow her online at, or on Twitter @JordanRTaylor13.

Emily Y. Teng

Emily Y. Teng is based in Seattle, Washington. She holds a BA in creative writing and psychology from Texas A&M University. She currently works full-time as a narrative game designer and has been known to get way too serious about casual game nights.


teri.zin writes Speculative Fiction under the pen name Zin E. Rocklyn. You can find some of her fiction in Sycorax’s Daughters and Forever Vacancy and follow her on Twitter @intelligentwat for more information on her disabilities, her activism, and her random thoughts. Her personal website is currently under construction, so stay tuned for all of her weirdness in HTML form.

Shveta Thakrar

Shveta Thakrar is a part-time nagini and full-time believer in magic. Her work has appeared in a number of magazines and anthologies including Enchanted Living, Uncanny Magazine, A Thousand Beginnings and Endings, and Toil & Trouble. Her debut young adult fantasy novel, Star Daughter, is a finalist for the 2021 Andre Norton Nebula Award. When not spinning stories about spider silk and shadows, magic and marauders, and courageous girls illuminated by dancing rainbow flames, Shveta crafts, devours books, daydreams, travels, bakes, and occasionally even plays her harp.