Uncanny Authors

Christopher Mark Rose

Christopher Mark Rose’s stories have appeared in Escape Pod and Interzone, and forthcoming in Asimov’s. He founded the Charm City Spec reading series for speculative fiction in Baltimore. He attended Viable Paradise XXIII. He hopes that his work is humane, affecting, and concerned with large questions.

He lives in Baltimore with his wife, two kids and a crazy dog, and works at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab. His flight hardware flies on: the Van Allen Probes, Parker Solar Probe, IMAP, DART, soon on Dragonfly and (hopefully one day) on Interstellar Probe.

Abu Bakr Sadiq

Abu Bakr Sadiq is a Nigerian poet. He is the winner of the 2022 IGNYTE Award for Best Speculative Poetry. His work is nominated for the Pushcart Prize, the Rhysling Award and is published/forthcoming in Boston Review, Palette Poetry, FIYAH, Uncanny Magazine, Augur Magazine, Fantasy Magazine, Covert Literary Magazine, Zone 3 Press Magazine, Iskanchi Press & Magazine, Lolwe, The Lit Quarterly, Rockvale Review, Best of New Myths Anthology, and elsewhere. He writes from Minna. Find him on Twitter @bakronline.

Mehnaz Sahibzada

Mehnaz Sahibzada was born in Pakistan and raised in Los Angeles. Her writing has appeared in various publications, including Ellery Queen, Pedestal Magazine, Jaggery, and Strange Horizons. Her poetry collection, My Gothic Romance, was published by Finishing Line Press in 2019. To learn more, visit her at

Sofia Samatar

Sofia Samatar is the author of the novels A Stranger in Olondria and The Winged Histories, the short story collection, Tender, and Monster Portraits, a collaboration with her brother, the artist Del Samatar. Her work has won several awards, including the World Fantasy Award.

Photo Credit: Jim C. Hines

Sofia Samatar & Del Samatar

Sofia Samatar is the author of the novels A Stranger in Olondria and The Winged Histories, and the short story collection, Tender. Her work has received the William L. Crawford Award, the John W. Campbell Award, the British Fantasy Award, and the World Fantasy Award.

Del Samatar holds a BA in Fine Arts from Rutgers University. He lives in New Jersey, where he is pursuing a career as a tattoo artist.

Nnadi Samuel

Nnadi Samuel (he/him/his) holds a B.A in English & literature from the University of Benin. His works have been previously published/forthcoming in Suburban Review, Seventh Wave Magazine, NativeSkin lit Magazine, North Dakota Quarterly, Quarterly West, FIYAH, Fantasy Magazine, Uncanny Magazine, The Capilano Review, Contemporary Verse 2, Gutter Magazine, Carte Blanche, Dgëku, Agbówo, Gordon Square Review, Trampset, Beestung Magazine, The Elephant Magazine, & elsewhere. Winner of the Miracle Monocle Award for Ambitious Student Writers 2021 (University of Louisville), Penrose Poetry Prize 2021, Lakefly Poetry Contest 2021 (Wisconsin), the International Human Right Arts Festival Award 2021, and Canadian Open Drawer contest 2020. He got an honorable mention for the 2021 Betty L. Yu and Jin C. Yu Creative Writing Prize (College Category). He is the author of “Reopening of Wounds” & “Subject Lessons” (forthcoming). He reads for U-Right Magazine. He tweets @Samuelsamba10.

Del Sandeen

Del Sandeen is a speculative fiction writer. She is the recipient of the 2019 Diverse Writers Grant and the 2019 Diverse Worlds Grant from the Speculative Literature Foundation. Her work has appeared in Magnolia: A Journal of Women’s Socially Engaged Literature Volume III, FIYAH Speculative Literary Magazine, and Gay magazine, among others.

DaVaun Sanders

DaVaun Sanders resides in Phoenix, Arizona. His short fiction has appeared in venues such as Fireside, Escape Pod, and PodCastle, and in anthologies such as Ride the Star Wind: Cthulhu, Space Opera, and the Cosmic Weird (Broken Eye Books, 2017), Cooties Shot Required: There Are Things You Must Know (Broken Eye Books, 2021), and Black Boy Joy (Delacorte Press, 2021; a New York Times bestseller), among others. His novella She Who Hears All Whispers (Dancing Star Press, 2019) is available from most ebook retailers. He currently serves as the executive editor for the World Fantasy Award-winning and Hugo Award-winning FIYAH Magazine of Black Speculative Fiction. His most recent editorial project is Breathe FIYAH, a flash fiction anthology collaboration with, and his debut middle-grade novel, Keynan Masters and the Peerless Magic Crew, is planned for publication in fall 2023 through Inkyard Press. He hopes to continue expanding his body of work in children’s fiction, for his own twins and kids everywhere who deserve to enjoy inclusive stories. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @davaunsanders.

Kelly Sandoval

Kelly Sandoval’s fiction has appeared in Asimov’s, Shimmer, and Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy. She lives in Seattle, where the weather is always happy to make staying in and writing seem like a good idea. Her family includes a patient husband, a demanding cat, and an anarchist tortoise. You can find her online at

Sylvia Santiago

Sylvia Santiago was born in the Sunflower State and spent her childhood in Western Canada, where she still lives. Her words have appeared in Star*Line, Liminality, and Immersion: An Asian Anthology of Love, Fantasy, and Speculative Fiction.