Javier Grillo–Marxuach

Javier “Javi” Grillo-Marxuach is an Emmy winning writer/producer (Lost, Outstanding Drama Series, 2005, The Dark Crystal, Outstanding Children’s Program, 2020), and creator of The Middleman graphic novels and TV series. Javi’s current work includes Raising Dion (Netflix), Blood & Treasure (CBS), From (Epix), Cowboy Bebop (Netflix), and The Witcher (Netflix).

An advocate of mentorship and diversity, Javi instituted the Grillo-Marxuach Family Fellowships for writers at USC film school, and the Carnegie Mellon University undergraduate Creative Writing Program. He also co hosts the Children of Tendu podcast, which educates new writers on navigating the business with decency and integrity, and mentors new writers as part of his work with the Writers Guild of America.

Javi was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. His name is pronounced “HA- VEE-AIR GREE-JOE MARKS-WATCH.”