Ada Palmer and Jo Walton

Ada Palmer’s acclaimed Terra Ignota series (Tor Books) explores a future of borderless nations and globally commixing populations; its fourth and last volume Perhaps the Stars is due out September 2021. She teaches history at the University of Chicago, studying the Renaissance, Enlightenment, and radical freethought, and is currently working on a book on censorship and the impact of information revolutions on censorship methods. She composes music including the Viking mythology cycle Sundown: Whispers of Ragnarok, studies anime/manga, especially Osamu Tezuka, post-WWII manga and feminist manga, consults for anime and manga publishers, and blogs at

Jo Walton is a science fiction and fantasy writer who has published four poetry collections, two collections of nonfiction pieces, one short story collection, and fifteen novels, most recently Or What You Will. She won the World Fantasy Award in 2004 for Tooth and Claw and the Hugo and Nebula Awards in 2012 for Among Others. She blogs about older science fiction on She comes from Wales but lives in Montreal where the food and books are much better. She likes reading, writing, travel, live theatre, and science fiction conventions, and is finding this pandemic exceedingly trying.