Uncanny Is Opening an Internship! POC and Native and Indigenous People HIGHLY Encouraged to Apply!

Fantastic news, Space Unicorns! We’re extremely excited to share that we will be offering an editorial internship position with Uncanny Magazine to which we STRONGLY encourage people of color and Native and Indigenous people to apply! The internship will begin in January and run through the end of December 2018, and will come with a small stipend.

We’re looking for someone with a deep love of science fiction and fantasy, and an interest in editorial work and publishing. The internship will allow opportunities to participate in the daily operations of running a two-time Hugo Award-winning online bimonthly publication in the SF/F field, with a focus on working with the managing editor, Michi Trota, to produce a regular newsletter. While the internship emphasizes editing and production, there may be some opportunities to work with basic graphics and design.

The internship will require roughly 10-15 hrs per month. The internship is not location-dependent; communication and tasks will be done primarily online via email, Slack, and Google Hangout or Skype.

Prior experience in publishing and familiarity with using programs such as Google docs and WordPress is beneficial but not required.

Applications for the internship will be open from December 1st through December 15th. Please submit a short personal statement (up to 300 words) via Uncanny’s contact form with “Uncanny Internship” in the subject line.

Good luck, Space Unicorns!

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  1. TazmaniaH

    I can’t wait. Friday here I come!!

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