Uncanny Magazine Is 92% Funded with Two Weeks to Go!

Hello Space Unicorn Rangers,

We’re nearly there! With little over two weeks to go, the Uncanny Magazine Kickstarter is 92% funded with 669 backers! To celebrate this milestone, our daughter Caitlin cosplayed a Hogwarts student. (Caitlin is 11 and about to start middle school.)

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We would love your help to spread the word. The sooner we reach 100%, the sooner we can start working on our first issue. This includes opening up to unsolicited submissions. This is going to be an amazing magazine, and we can’t wait to share it with the world.

The Uncanny Magazine Kickstarter still has many exciting backer levels available including:

  • AUTOGRAPH HUNTERS’ DREAM. Normandyes postcard autographed by 8 different writers currently there on a French retreat: Elizabeth Bear, Greer Gilman, Ellen Klages, David D. Levine, Scott Lynch, Pat Murphy, Madeline Robins, and Rachel Swirsky.
  • SWIRSKY STORY FOR YOU: Personalized, autographed unpublished short story manuscript from Nebula Award-winning author Rachel Swirsky.
  • SHINIES 1 pair beaded earrings handmade by Rachel Swirsky.
  • SCARY HAM FUNERAL KIT. As heard at this year’s Nebula Awards: the story of the scary ham: http://www.tor.com/blogs/2014/05/the-scary-ham. Ellen Klages will put together a unique package including an autographed print of the Scary Ham Story and a canned ham. (Please follow local laws when dealing with your ham).
  • HAIKU EARRING PARTY IN A BOX Jeweler Elise Matthesen will provide everything you need to throw a Haiku Earring Party. Includes a dozen pairs of earrings (all sterling silver) with names, pens and haiku cards, and instructions for conducting the party.
  • HOP WITH Maria Dahvana Headley. Take a vintage shopping trip in NYC with Maria styling you (you are responsible for purchasing stuff if you like it), or Maria will create a virtual redecoration of your home in her signature cabinet of curiousities style – as in, you tell her your favorite things, and she make a virtual fantastical room for you. Travel to NYC and lodgings NOT INCLUDED. If you follow Maria, you know this is going to be an epic shopping experience.
  • DANCE VERITY DANCE. Verity! is a Hugo-nominated podcast in which six smart women discuss Doctor Who (http://veritypodcast.com). The Verity! podcast will record an episode JUST FOR BACKERS (minimum 20 minutes per topic, but we’re often chatty!). Backers at this level get to choose our topics, from the silly to the sublime (need not be Doctor Who). This episode will not be publicly released through the Verity! website as an Extra for at least six months, and we may not release it at all outside of this Kickstarter.
  • NAME OUR SPACE UNICORN Our awesome unicorn was designed by Katy Shuttleworth, but it needs a name! Also includes dinner with the Uncanny editors (and any willing authors who can join us) at a convention.
  • POCONOS RETREAT Support at this level gets you a writer/editor retreat at a vacation home in the Poconos (big screen TV, wifi, & cable included), with Lynne M. Thomas, Deborah Stanish, and possibly additional area writers (Fran Wilde, Sarah Pinsker, A.C. Wise, Michael R. Underwood) based on availability. You are responsible for getting to Philadelphia, but we will cover transportation to the vacation cottage, housing, and food for the weekend.

And don’t forget that we have Space Unicorn Rangers Corps patches available as an add-on. Just add $10 to your pledge and let us know in your survey after the Kickstarter closes.


If you would like to hear more about the project, Managing Editor Michi Trota Guest Blogged on The Radish and Editors-in-Chief Guest Blogged on SF Signal.


Finally, we have an exciting video coming up. As you may know, Managing Editor Michi Trota is an experienced firespinner. In honor of being fully funded, we will be making a video of her teaching Lynne M. Thomas how to firespin! What could possibly go wrong? 🙂


Thank you again for all of your support. We couldn’t have done this without all of you.


Lynne & Michael


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