Uncanny Magazine 2019 Poetry Eligibility

Hello, Space Unicorns! Nominating for the Rhysling Award for speculative poetry is open! If you’re a SFPA member, you can nominate short and long poetry up until February 29 for the 2020 Rhysling Award. Uncanny Magazine’s eligible poems from 2019 are:

Short poems (1-49 lines or prose poems <500 words)

Buruburu by Betsy Aoki

Monsters & Women—Beneath Contempt by Roxanna Bennett

Red Berries by Jennifer Crow

Other Forms of Conjuring the Moon by Chloe N. Clark

The Thing In Us We Fear Just Wants Our Love by Julian K. Jarboe

goddess in forced repose by Tamara Jerée

A Letter from One Woman to Another by Cassandra Khaw

things you don’t say to city witches by Cassandra Khaw

Wendy, Waiting by Sandi Leibowitz

Flashover by S. Qiouyi Lu

Cavitation by Toby MacNutt

Neithal from abroad by Shweta Narayan

The Wooden Box by Annie Neugebauer

The following parameters by Nicasio Andres Reed

Manananggal by Sylvia Santiago

Sing by Alexandra Seidel

capturing the mood by D.A. Xiaolin Spires

The Watchword by Sonya Taaffe

Without Prayer or the Place in the Forest by Sonya Taaffe

The Magician Speaks to the Fool by Ali Trotta

fear cat by Hal Y. Zhang


Long poems (50+ lines or prose poems >500 words)

Childhood Memory from the Old Victorian House on Warner by Beth Cato

The Cinder Girl Burns Brightly by Theodora Goss

“Eating Disorder” does not begin to describe it by R.B. Lemberg

Elegy for the Self as Villeneuve’s Beast by Brandon O’Brien

If Love Is Real, So Are Fairies by Cynthia So

Taho by D.A. Xiaolin Spires

Steeped in Stars by Hal Y. Zhang

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