The Uncanny Kickstarter Reached EVERY STRETCH GOAL!

Hello Space Unicorns!

Yes, we know this is older news, but we’re just recovering from Worldcon and the Hugos.


Uncanny Magazine Year 3 is fully funded and reached every stretch goal! Uncanny will stay the same size! We’ll have original covers by Galen Dara and Kirbi Fagan plus Grace Fong illustrations for Alyssa Wong’s story! There will be more Uncanny blogging including keeping Liz Argall’s Things Without Arms And Things Without Legs reaction comic per issue, and adding the new Max and Amal Go to the Movies column, PLUS new columns by Michael Damian Thomas and Michi Trota!

You made this happen. As we’ve said, this is your magazine. It only exists because of the support of this community.

Thank you.

We promise that we will once again try our hardest to live up to your trust and expectations.

We did a Livestream on the Uncanny Magazine Year 3 Kickstarter page for our last hour featuring the Thomases, Michi Trota, Amal El-Mohtar, Tanya DePass, And Isabel Yap. If you missed it, you can watch it here!

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