Uncanny Is a Best Semiprozine Hugo Award Finalist and Folding Beijing Is a Best Novelette Finalist!

SPACE UNICORNS! UNCANNY MAGAZINE IS A FINALIST FOR THE BEST SEMIPROZINE HUGO AWARD! We are beyond thrilled about this. There are so many great magazines in that category. We are truly, truly honored to be a finalist in our very first year of eligibility. Thank you, you wonderful Space Unicorns, who nominated Uncanny Magazine in good faith. Also, thank you to the hard-working MidAmeriCon 2 Hugo Award staff for all of your phenomenal volunteer work this year.

And that’s not all! Hao Jingfang’s “Folding Beijing” (translated by Ken Liu) IS A FINALIST FOR THE BEST NOVELETTE HUGO AWARD! We wish huge congratulations to Jingfang and Ken! This is just one of many accolades for this amazing story. Add its Hugo Finalist status to its Chinese Xingyun (Nebula) Awards nomination, being a Sturgeon Award Finalist, being on the Locus Magazine Recommended Reading List, and being included in two Year’s Best science fiction anthologies!

We are so, so proud of our 2015 issues. Many of our remarkable stories, essays, poems, and covers have been nominated for different awards, or have been included in Year’s Best collections. For the first complete year of a new magazine, this is a phenomenal accomplishment. We truly are grateful to work with the best creators and staff in the world.

The accolades are great, but that’s not what is most important to us. When we created Uncanny, we wanted it to be a place for community—readers and creators making and consuming art, beauty, kindness, insight, challenges, and gorgeous emotions. After 10 issues, what means the most to us is the wonderful enthusiasm we see from our readers and creators. People are giddy about each issue, talking about their favorite pieces, recommending things to friends, and there seems to be a general feeling that Uncanny is a gathering place for a marvelous, diverse SF/F community. That is the greatest award of all.

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