The Thomases Unbox the Trade Hardcover Edition of The Best of Uncanny!

Space Unicorns! As you know, The Best of Uncanny was released into the multiverse on New Year’s Eve!

The Best of Uncanny is a collection from Subterranean Press edited by Lynne M. Thomas and Michael Damian Thomas that brings together some of their favorite Uncanny Magazine stories and poems from the first few years of the magazine, including many works which were nominated for or won awards. Over 40 authors!

This week, Co-editors Lynne M. Thomas and Michael Damian Thomas received some of their copies from the publisher. Here they are with their daughter, Caitlin, and Hugo the Cat unboxing this gorgeous book!

The trade hardcover edition is out of print and signed limited editions are nearly out of print! If you pre-ordered, your copy should be on the way soon! You can still buy copies directly from Subterranean Press

Plus, the eBook edition is available! You can purchase an eBook of The Best of Uncanny from Subterranean PressAmazonBarnes & Noble, or Kobo!

Don’t forget, there will be a book tour for The Best of Uncanny with stops in Seattle (Jan 17), Philadelphia (Jan 25), Champaign (Feb 5), and Minneapolis (Feb 15). If you still want a print copy and missed the pre-orders, this is the only way to get one! Please, come meet some of the editors and authors!

We are very proud of this book, and we think you will love these stories and poems as much as we do. Thank you, Space Unicorns!


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