Meet Uncanny Magazine’s New Assistant Editor, Tania Chen!

We have some wonderful news, Space Unicorns!

As you know, our current Assistant Editor Monte Lin will become the new Managing Editor starting with Uncanny Magazine #50 (January/February 2023). We’ve finally found somebody to take over his old duties!

Starting with Uncanny Magazine #49 (November/December 2022), the new Assistant Editor will be…

Tania Chen!!!

Tania brings a lot of enthusiasm to the position. We can’t wait to start working with them!

Tania’s Bio:

Tania Chen is a Chinese-Mexican queer writer. Their work has been published in Unfettered Hexes by Neon Hemlock, Strange Horizons, Pleiades Magazine, and Baffling. They are a first reader for Nightmare Magazine and a graduate of the Clarion West Novella Bootcamp workshop of January/Feb 2021. They can be found on twitter @archistratego.

It was a phenomenal pool of applicants. Thank you to everyone who applied!

Uncanny Magazine Year 9 will be fantastic, Space Unicorns. Though many changes are happening, we will continue to have the BEST STAFF in the universe.


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