Greer Gilman and Sofia Samatar

Greer Gilman’s books appeared in A Conversation Larger Than the Universe, the 2018 Grolier Club exhibition on the history of fantastic literature, across the room from Mary Shelley and Hope Mirrlees. What a party! Other than her Cloudish works, she’s written two metaphysical mysteries set in the theatre world of 1610s London, the Shirley Jackson Award-winning Cry Murder! In a Small Voice and Exit, Pursued by a Bear.  Her critical works include her prefaces to Sylvia Townsend Warner’s Kingdoms of Elfin and Of Cats and Elfins for Handheld Press, her chapter on “The Languages of the Fantastic” in The Cambridge Companion to Fantasy Literature, and her essay, “Girl, Implicated: The Child in the Labyrinth in the Fantastic.” Her most recent poem, “Unselving,” appears in The Deadlands, #2. Wordwise, she does everything that James Joyce ever did, only backward and in high heels. She lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Sofia Samatar is the author of four books, including the World Fantasy Award-winning A Stranger in Olondria and Monster Portraits, a collaboration with her brother, the artist Del Samatar. Her memoir The White Mosque is forthcoming from Catapult Books in 2022. She lives in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Greer Gilman photo by Beth Gwinn. Sofia Samatar photo by Jim C. Hines.