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Welcome to the first Uncanny Magazine issue of 2022!

It’s a blustery day in Central Illinois. Lynne is having Zoom meetings in the Doctor Who room, Caitlin is listening to her audio book, and Hugo the Cat is buried in a comforter and hoping for a mild winter. It’s hard to believe that as we write this, 2021 is ending. It’s difficult to encapsulate 2021 in a few sentences. So many things remain terrible and terrifying, but there were plenty of things that gave us hope, too. We will miss all who we lost this year, and hope that 2022 becomes a kinder year than the last two.

As always, we appreciate all that you did, Space Unicorns. You worked hard to make the world a better place. You matter, and what you do matters. You are the BEST, Space Unicorns.

Along with it being a new year, we’re thrilled that this is also Meg Elison’s first issue as Uncanny Magazine Nonfiction Editor! We’re very excited about the staff going forward into Uncanny Magazine’s eighth year. We know they will all do fantastic things, and this is going to be one of the best years ever for Uncanny Magazine!

Fabulous news, Space Unicorns! “Metal Like Blood in the Dark” by T. Kingfisher won the 2021 Best Short Story Hugo Award! Congratulations to Ursula and to all of the finalists!

Once again, congratulations to the other three Uncanny Magazine stories that were finalists: “Burn or The Episodic Life of Sam Wells as a Super” by A. T. Greenblatt for Best Novelette, “The Inaccessibility of Heaven” by Aliette de Bodard for Best Novelette, and “Badass Moms in the Zombie Apocalypse” by Rae Carson for Best Short Story!

Uncanny Magazine didn’t win the Best Semiprozine Hugo Award. A huge congratulations to the winner, FIYAH Magazine of Black Speculative Fiction!

Congratulations to all the Hugo Awards winners and finalists– especially former Nonfiction Editor Elsa Sjunneson, who won the Best Fan Writer Hugo Award!

Wonderful news, Space Unicorns!  “You Perfect, Broken Thing” by C.L. Clark  is the 2021 Subjective Chaos Kind of Awards Best Short Story Winner! Congratulations to C.L. Clark and to all of the finalists!

From the nerds of a feather website:

Over the past almost-year, a top-secret group of bloggers and fans has been plotting the most nefarious of plots: to decide, subjectively upon the best genre works of 2020, and then throw rocks at them. By “throw” we mean “lovingly post”, and the rocks all have a nice message painted on them, and it’s…an award? We suppose?

It’s the time of year when people post their year-in-reviews to remind voters for the different SF/F awards what’s out there that they might have missed, and in which categories those stories are eligible. The year 2021 was the seventh full year of Uncanny Magazine (Issues 38 through 43). We are extremely proud of the year we had.

The stories listed in our “Uncanny Magazine 2021 Award Eligibility” blog post are eligible in either the short story, novelette, or novella categories of the SF/F awards. If you are a SFWA member nominating for the Nebula Awards, you can find eBook copies of these stories in the SFWA Forums.

Please also note that essays are eligible for the Best Related Work Hugo Award, and poetry is eligible for the Rhysling Award. As Uncanny is a semiprozine, all of the essays and original art also contribute towards creators’ Best Fan Writer and Best Fan Artist Hugo Award eligibility.

And now the contents of Uncanny Magazine Issue 44! The fabulous cover is Shuffling The Cards by Galen Dara.  Our new fiction includes Leah Cypess’s tale of dancing princesses and hard choices “The Night Dance,” Christopher Caldwell’s story of faith and truth “The Calcified Heart of Saint Ignace Battiste,” Natalia Theodoridou’s exploration of identity and war “Ribbons,” Sarah Monette’s next creepy installment in her Kyle Murchison Booth series “The Haunting of Dr. Claudius Winterson,” Kylie Lee Baker’s story of grief and technology “Lily, the Immortal,” Wen-yi Lee’s look at family and reconciliation “Hundred-Handed One,” and Tina Connolly’s flash story of returning home “How to Safely Store Your Magical Artifacts After Saving the World.” Our reprint is Caroline M. Yoachim’s “The Clockwork Penguin Dreamed of Stars” which originally appeared in Mechanical Animals: Tales at the Crux of Creatures and Tech in 2018.

Our provocative and compelling essays this month include “Midnight Mass Talks Too Much but Still Manages to Compel” by Alex Jennings, “The Future in the Flesh: Why Cyberpunk Can’t Forget the Body” by Lincoln Michel, “Even After Death: An Essay in Questions” by Shingai Njeri Kagunda, and “Gone with the Clones: How Confederate Soft Power Twisted the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy” by Louis Evans. Our gorgeous and evocative poetry includes “Crustacean on Land” by Mehnaz Sahibzada, “The House Snakes” by Sonya Taaffe, “a sinkhole invites a street to consider its future” by Dominik Parisien, and “Weaver Girl Dream” by Lisabelle Tay. Finally, Caroline M. Yoachim interviews Christopher Caldwell and Sarah Monette about their stories.

The Uncanny Magazine Podcast #44A features “The Night Dance” by Leah Cypess, as read by Erika Ensign, “The House Snakes” by Sonya Taaffe, as read by Matt Peters, and Lynne M. Thomas interviewing Leah Cypess. The Uncanny Magazine Podcast #44B features “Lily, the Immortal” by Kylie Lee Baker, as read by Matt Peters, “Weaver Girl Dream” by Lisabelle Tay, as read by Erika Ensign, and Lynne M. Thomas interviewing Kylie Lee Baker.

As always, we are deeply grateful for your support of Uncanny Magazine. Shine on, Space Unicorns!


Lynne M. Thomas & Michael Damian Thomas

Lynne and Michael are the Publishers/Editors-in-Chief of Uncanny Magazine.

Ten-time Hugo, British Fantasy, and 2-time Parsec Award-winner Lynne M. Thomas was the Editor-in-Chief of Apex Magazine (2011-2013). She co-edited the Hugo Award-winning Chicks Dig Time Lords (with Tara O’Shea) and Hugo Award-finalist Chicks Dig Comics (with Sigrid Ellis).

Seven-time Hugo, British Fantasy, and Parsec Award-winner Michael Damian Thomas was the former Managing Editor of Apex Magazine (2012-2013), co-edited the Hugo-finalist Queers Dig Time Lords (with Sigrid Ellis), and co-edited Glitter & Mayhem (with John Klima and Lynne M. Thomas).

Together, they solve mysteries.

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