The Long Run

Don’t run ahead she said
stay beside me
run when I run
walk when I walk

But I ran ahead
because it was easier
and when I looked back
I could not see her

She was so angry
that I ran ahead
but perhaps she feared
that night was coming

She knows I will run ahead
into the gloaming.
And when I look back
I will not see her.

I will learn to run beside her.
But one day we will stumble
and I will run on ahead
into the long night.


Neil Gaiman

Neil’s poem “The Mushroom Hunters” was awarded the Rhysling Award for SF poetry, Best Long Poem 2018. His 2019 poem “What You Need to Be Warm” was made into an animated film to help refugees in 2020. He will one day collect all his poetry into a book.

Photo Credit: Beowulf Sheehan

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