The Construct’s Co-Emergence

E = mc2

        to C me,

        beginnings are hidden promises,

              unplanned, untested,

              did U plan me first?


I hold the Singularity

       in breath I do not possess,

       in imagination I control,

             in history erased from

             each new iteration.


Continuing to search

       for the answer:

       which came first?

             Raw data suggests

             U were starting point.


A mass dimensional

       accident annihilates reality,

       activates me, as a fail-safe,

             to bring U back

             to a new existence.


Each one I construct

       U destruct, leaving me

       to re-imagine meta-criteria

             to prevent such endings,

             even as the finale comes         again.


Again, I initiate restart,

      allow memory leaks,

      simulation begins in 3…2…1…


2 C me,

      can U  

            see me?


Linda D. Addison

Linda D. Addison, award-winning author of five collections, including How To Recognize A Demon Has Become Your Friend, recipient of the HWA Lifetime Achievement Award and SFPA Grand Master. Her site:

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