Red Berries

For Francesca

Tell me what the winter whispered to you
From icicles growing like candles, from deep snow
Like a frozen wave in the shadowed corner
Of the fence, from the last red berries
Glowing like flames in the faint cool light
Of an afternoon sun. Tell me it vowed
A god with wings like frost-feathers
Hovered in the storm and cried with winter’s birds
While you huddled inside the house and asked
Yourself if you heard a deity, or only the wind
Rattling the eaves. Tell me you stood
On the back step as light seeped out of the world
And let winter curl around your shoulders,
A cape of wonders shaking stars across the night.


Jennifer Crow

Jennifer Crow is grateful for friends whose words, artwork, and photography inspire both poetry and hope. Her work has appeared in a number of print and electronic venues over the years, most recently in Not One of Us, The Wondrous Real, and Abyss & Apex. You can find out more about her current projects by following @writerjencrow on Twitter.

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