the tracks are tumbling in a paunch. a boy left,

a quarter devoured in a raw valley. a fading dream

done to dust. the mystery charted in susurrations. he looked

and we are many here. red trickle trickle stream. i’m losing

how to keep this objective. & from the birds, the gasp.

from the flames, the tree. his hunger ate him into

a boneyard, & then a spirit that flames the embers

of hell in the hollow bones of firebirds. wake me

from this undelight. this archive of mares. the black

power is the wet gunpowder stretching into skin.

the hare ambushing the hunter through the viscera

dims. marvelling. this floaty act of splintering.

now, the dreams outnumbered him in voids,

living in the voids of dreams, viz. emptiness

is pregnant. the baby is the boy. the baby is

the butter spread of heaven unwelcomed

in these shards. these things photobombing

the unrigidity of the roots. things unpronounceable

without tautening like the forest fronds of Oba Koso

knotted in the holy fluid of nostalgia & exodus.


(Editors’ Note: “Palingenesia” is read by Matt Peters on the Uncanny Magazine Podcast, Episode 48B).


Simbo, Olumide Manuel

Simbo, Olumide Manuel is a Pushcart-nominated poet, an environmentalist, and a biology teacher from Nigeria. His micro chapbook, Half-miracles, is one of the forthcoming chapbooks in Ghost City Review 2022 Summer series. His poetry has been published/forthcoming in Twyckenham Notes, Up the Staircase Quarterly, Agbowó Magazine, Magma Poetry, Sublunary Review, Gigantic Sequins, Isele Magazine, Muse Pie Press, Frontier Poetry, and elsewhere.

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