Monsters & Women—Beneath Contempt

Reversed: Queen of Cups, food as medicine
Notice knots in the narrative, “many myths
end with the promise that whoever hears them
will be healed of sickness” Not forgotten:
old promises, snake oil sold as medicine
Mother of Cups in the North, we have missed
the medicine of your narrative    {serpents
need to eat}    Feed her your head’s violent
memory    {normates need to breed}    Dismiss
reversal of promises & missing curatives,
who notices holes in the old narrative    Resist
feeding serpents your stories    Who buys them
expects the performative, misses the sickness
in being sold gold as medicine


Roxanna Bennett

Roxanna Bennett is a disabled poet living in Whitby, Ontario. She is the author of unseen garden (chapbook, knife | fork | book, 2018) and The Uncertainty Principle (Tightrope Books, 2014). Her poetry has appeared in many magazines, journals, and anthologies, most recently CV2, Grain, Riddle Fence, PRISM International, Plenitude Magazine, and Tiny Tim Literary Review. Her next book, Unmeaningable, is forthcoming from Gordon Hill Press in fall 2019.

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