The whales do not know
that they are small,
click-whistle hunting
in cerebrospinal darkness.
Deep down, pressure heavy
under the fly-twitch ends
of the horse’s tail,
world-tree cuttings root
in rich waters. Chase fish,
flickering pain like sparks,
flashing even without light.
The pod eat densely. Debris falls,
bubbles ascend.


Toby MacNutt

Toby MacNutt is an author, artist, and teacher who lives in Burlington, Vermont with their partner and service dog. Toby’s poetry has recently been published in such magazines as Enby Life, Arsenika, and Twisted Moon; their debut collection If Not Skin was released in spring 2018 from Aqueduct Press. Find out more about Toby’s work at or say hi on Twitter @tobywm.

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