An Announcement

An announcement:
To be spread in code
By the tattered violinist in the Astor Place station,
In an advertisement for a ‘57 Chevy in the Post,
Between needles binding cerise and rose,
And in the songs of select birds who sing in Gramercy Park.

You will understand it.

An invitation:
To be scrawled with colored chalk
Outside the witch’s shop on the Lower East Side,
To be typed in Times New Roman
On an unassuming flyer for lessons in lore,
And on a certain window sill—
        (You know it,
        The one where the grey cat sits,
        And waits for your nod each morning.)

You will receive it.

Come, it will say.
Let us learn the poetry
And magic of beautiful resistance.
Let us respell, reshape the world together.
Midnight. Tomorrow.
(Wear sensible shoes. Wear diamonds.)
Be late. Be early. But come.

(Editors’ Note: “An Announcement” is read by Erika Ensign on the Uncanny Magazine Podcast Episode 19A.).


Sara Cleto & Brittany Warman

Dr. Sara Cleto and Dr. Brittany Warman are award-winning folklorists, teachers, and writers with over 150 publications. Together, they founded The Carterhaugh School of Folklore and the Fantastic, where they teach creative souls how to re-enchant their lives through folklore and fairy tales. Their fiction and poetry can be found in Uncanny Magazine, Apex Magazine, Gingerbread House, Star*Line, and others. You can find them in the forbidden forest and also at

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