A Testament of Bloom

everyone thinks i dodged a bullet,

i think i shot the gun.

     —Greg Laswell


i don’t think pain is the only thing i inherited from my mother. yesterday, i was another shade of a zephyr and with every place i grazed, soliloquies replaced the emptiness i’ve always carried. frail/ grey/ the evening news/ another strand of her hair/ age/ really/ can be some strange thing. màámi’s pendulum is swinging more and more towards me/& the formula for oscillation isn’t so out of reach. her conversations with the dark/ loosening knots/ resurrected embers/ familiar aromas/ blooming fireflies/ the rabbit a full moon holds/ her qualms/ another star/ that adorns a thick night. i want to etch my shadows on these words and watch them wave through a window, through another element capable of ushering my darkness in—     call me an object of gravity. what if the laws of physics are nothing but dust, nothing but abstract projectiles and fading footprints? is this where my tongue will morph into paper and enough will be all it oozes/ where these lips will be nothing but open doors/ holding freedom in the little spaces between them? swim into this body, wallow in these little fires, is this how each day will be a feast of heavy prayers and a rite for hopes unburnt? look deep this time, you might just find stubborn streams of blood and water trying to deny their purpose, struggling not to be lyrics of the blade’s song, again. finally, to smile will be to watch the sun grace my walls/ to see in the morning a mirror/ housing golden reflections of my being, whispering i, too, can be a testament of bloom.


(Editors’ Note: “A Testament of Bloom” is read by Matt Peters on the Uncanny Magazine Podcast, Episode 49B.)


Taiwo Hassan

Taiwo Hassan is a writer of Yorùbá descent, a poet, and a vocalist. A 2x Best Of The Net Nominee, his poems have appeared in trampset, Kissing Dynamite, Lucent Dreaming, The Shore, Brittle Paper, Dust Poetry Magazine, Ice Floe Press, Wizards In Space, and several other places. He’s also an undergraduate student of Demography and Social Statistics at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ilé-Ifẹ̀, Osun State, Nigeria. His debut chapbook, Birds Don’t Fly For Pleasure, is published by River Glass Books.

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