a sinkhole invites a street to consider its future

cracks always long to grow. asphalt craves other than the horizontal. you could become a poem. straight line caesuraed into a mouth. a ruin. a fucking statement. you were meant for so much more than conveyance or convenience. were primordial ooze once. could have kissed the ozone layer. made microplastic and endured millennia. were paved underfoot instead. i have a right to be. mole people deserve to see the sun. chaos is a public service and unemployment’s rising. change is another word for opportunity. secret tunnels are all the rage. there are depths to you most never dreamed. exquisitely efficient systems. whole worlds. katabasis quests are due for a comeback. i would owe you my existence. everything sinks eventually.


Dominik Parisien

Dominik Parisien is the author of the poetry collection Side Effects May Include Strangers and the co-editor of Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction with Elsa Sjunneson and The Mythic Dream, Robots VS Fairies, and The Starlit Wood with Navah Wolfe. Dominik is a disabled, bisexual French Canadian. He lives in Hamilton, ON.

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