A Dead, Divine Thing

i will always be more tomb than temple, i know.

there are ghosts and gods reclining

on the moth-eaten velvet of my tongue,

tigers and thunders purring in my veins but—


if you keep praising the curl of my eyelashes,

comparing them to flying eaves / and if you keep

tending to my collarbones like hanging gardens where

you plant bright, fragrant kisses / and if your fingers

keep fitting the liminal spaces between my ribs,

like lock and key / then you might just adore me

into holiness / as miraculous as a lotus

rising from strange waters, as the moon

swaying high in darkness.


Eshqin Ahmad

Eshqin Ahmad grew up in Kuala Lumpur. They are a professional daydreamer, often inspired by girls, gods and monsters. Their work has appeared in Rambutan Literary, The Fem, Liminality, and Body Parts.

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